FJORD RUBY is a Danish design concept founded by Nanna Fjord and Caroline Ruby in May 2016. The vision is to create a sustainable outerwear brand.

Nanna and Caroline share a deep love for materials and outerwear, which is why this became their focus.


FJORD RUBY is a Danish outerwear brand focusing on sustainable production. We produce outerwear out of leftover material from the textile industry, also called deadstock.

Our concept focuses on slow fashion and classic silhouettes for the conscious consumer.



We produce outerwear out of deadstock materials, and therefore only have a certain amount of our different fabrics and materials available. That is why all our products are limited. Sometimes we have 20 coats in a certain material and sometimes only 3. That is the premise, when you design and produce as we do – it is the challenge, the advantage, and the unique.



We want to be frontrunners in a fashion industry with conscious designs. Our mission is to develop fashion products for the conscious consumer, which is both high in quality and produced consciously. We wish to let the consumer make “the good choice” without compromising on quality or design.



FJORD RUBY wants to contribute to a sustainable fashion industry. We believe in a slow fashion future and therefore keep a simple and strong expression in our designs

Our vision is to reduce waste in the fashion industry while creating products of high quality and design.